Open vs Closed Booths

What’s the difference between an OPEN or CLOSED booth?

A closed booth has a curtain surrounding guests while photos are taken.  Guests enjoy the experience of a “private” photo session much like the classic photo booths in the early days.

With a closed booth the guests are seated and closer to the camera, making their faces larger in photos, giving more attention to facial expressions.

Closed booths bring some size restrictions when it comes to large groups, though we have had as many as 14 inside at once. From past events we have found “most” groups looking to use the photo booth number from 2 to 5 people.

Custom colored backdrops/curtains are available for our closed booths.


Open booths are just that. Wide open. All guests are able to see the guests having their photos taken. Guests in an open booth will stand for poses rather than sitting.
The backgrounds for an open booth can be customized with custom colors/patterns, poster backgrounds, or even a “green screen” where you can use your own image as a background.


Which is best for you?
That’s up to you. It depends on the type of fun you want to create and provide for your guests.

Want the best of both worlds? During an event we can instantly convert a closed booth to an open booth for a large group shot.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help make your event personalized and fun!

Open Booth
Snazzy Open Booth is open for everyone to see and share in the experience. There are no enclosures, simply a backdrop for the photos.
Enclosed Booth
With the Snazzy Enclosed Booth guests can get as crazy as they want and no one will see unless you show them the pictures! Your guest will walk in, shut the curtain, and the fun begins! We have had as many as 10 guests in our enclosed booth at once! This booth only needs an area 3′ wide x 6′ long.
Lounge Booth
The Snazzy Lounge is an 8′ x 10′ area made out of pipe & drape with the Snazzy Photo Booth inside! The lounge can handle up to 15 or more people at once. This would be great for larger receptions or events. This Photo booth needs an area 8′ wide x 10′ long.